MindWinder Productions Presents

Dale Head and His MindWinder Orchestra

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Into the Mystic” and “I Know A Little

Dale Head and his brainchild, The MindWinder Orchestra (10-18 pieces), will take you on a musical journey. Dale brings his high energy and smooth vocals singing jazz, as well as great classic rock and pop songs orchestrated for big band in a high powered and innovative approach. With a natural command of the rock and big band swing genres, Dale
sings, plays trumpet and leads his talented group of players through a dynamic ride.

Since Dale’s first album release “MindWinder” in 1995, Dale has delivered exciting live performances with new and innovative arrangements, encompassing musical genres ranging from big band swing music, to hard-hitting guitar riffs, which bring to mind the innovative horns of Blood Sweat and Tears, the vocal intensity of Janis Joplin, and the guitar gymnastics of  Eddie Van Halen. Dale’s three-octave vocal range features his unique style of scat singing inspired by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald Mel Torme and Al Jarreau.

Dale Head and his MWO have created a dynamic show which features hits from The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen and Aerosmith like you’ve never heard them before! Also included are favorites from greats like Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Buble and of course, Frank Sinatra. Don’t miss this exciting performance that is certain to leave you entertained!





Dale Head – distilled

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Moonglow” and “Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid

Dale Head also offers a fun and dynamic small band choice, Dale can perform as a duo, with his accompanist on piano, trio, a quartet or quintet . Performing favorites including Michael Franks, Al Jarreau, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker and more, we can tailor a show to fit your desires. From intimate cabaret settings, to festivals to performance halls, Dale Head “distilled” will deliver world class entertainment.




Sinatra-A Retrospective

40 years of “The Voice of the 20th Century”

Caught in the moment

That’s Life

A Century of Sinatra-

Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday was December 12, 2015. MindWinder Productions offers “Sinatra-A Retrospective” a show that honors this singular talent, by reviewing 40 years of his amazing career. From his early days with Harry James,to his retirement in 1972 and his comeback in the Main Event, Frank Sinatra lived a life of legends. We will show you how Frank rose to stardom, fell from grace and came back, multiple times to be the most iconic entertainer of the 20th Century. Using photos, videos, creative narration and recreating some remarkable vocal duets, our goal is to give you a taste of what it might have been like to be in the studio at Capitol with Nelson Riddle, in the bar as he sang his sadness in “One For My Baby“, in the audience at the Sands with Count Basie and Quincy Jones, or finally at Madison Square Garden when none other than Howard Cosell introduced Sinatra as a boxer making his comeback in the Main Event.

Sinatra-A Retrospective is a 2 hour show that encompasses 40 years of Frank Sinatra’s amazing life. From his first big break in 1939 with Harry James, through his controversial move to Tommy Dorsey’s band, and then the years at Columbia, his fall from grace, then his resurgence winning the Oscar for “From Here to Eternity” and his signing with Capitol Records and the legendary pairing with Nelson Riddle and Billy May. We also focus on his work with Count Basie and Quincy Jones, the television specials and duets with luminaries such as Ella Fitzgerald and Natalie Cole. Frank Sinatra retired in 1972, but then returned in a huge comeback concert at Madison Square Garden, with none other than Howard Cosell introducing him back into the ring in the Main Event.

This isn’t just another guy singing Sinatra tunes, Sinatra- A Retrospective, is multimedia event with film, photos and storytelling, as well as special guest artists and duets recreated from Sinatra’s television specials. It was said that this show would be like stepping inside of a Ken Burns documentary about the life and times of the 20th Century’s greatest entertainer.


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